School Holiday…

School holiday is around the corner…guess…another 1 month and a half until the big hit of holiday!! Yippiey!!!!

A big hooray for mummy, for Nabil and for hubby too (time ni le mummy ada peluang masak2 beria tau)…

Holiday…We haven’t plan anything yet but as usual, the only place mummy will stay for holiday…is of course the best spot would be Nenek and Atok’s house in Pahang  (LOVE U MUM n DAD!!!) Huh! Lupa, Atok n Nenek nak gi holiday Jakarta this coming cuti…(JELES)

I think me and Daddy would better start planning for a great vacation before Nabil starts schooling, cause once he start school, it would be a new chapter for us…

All I had in mind is going for a holiday to Bukit Tinggi (never been there…huhu) That would be a great place to be, very privacy, quiet and chilly weather, sejuk gitu…Unless Daddy nak surprise Mummy n Nabil…g abroad ke…???? Lama dah tak jalan nih..pasport Mummy lama tak gerak tuh..Daddy kita g Tokyo semula nak?? nak bawak Nabil g Tokyo Disneyland ler……..


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