Babywearing as an Attachment Parenting????Hmmm…..

Over the past few months, Mummy has been thinking bout starting to babywearing Nabil, and after browsing for a few sites bout babywearing and looking for as many information as I can….its now the perfect time I guess(patut lama dah startnye!!!)


1. It is convenient to wear our baby

– walk around freely, and not have to worry bout negotiating our steps especially when mummy’s alone with the baby…

2. Promotes physical development

-baby’s being attached to the mother/father,the sling/pouch/ is in essence as a transitional womb…

3.Baby in sling / pouch is happier

-less cry, less fuss…mummy pun happy je shopping….

4. Safe for the baby to be

-provides safety physically n emotionally especially when in the crowd of public

5.Babywearing is fun n trendy nowadays…

– modern / funky / sweet colours of sling / pouch etc…Mummy just LOVE IT!!!


1. pOUCH (DAH ADA)…..

2. Ring sling….

3. Mei Tai….(traditional)

4. Buckle Tai…..(with buckles) MUMMY DAH ORDER ONE PIECE PUN…BEST!BEST!BEST!


2 thoughts on “Babywearing as an Attachment Parenting????Hmmm…..

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