His Presence Brings Changes…..

I have always been thinking bout lots of changes and new things my baby brings ever since he ‘arrived’ in me n hubby’s life…Talking bout PARENTHOOD…being a mother to an adorable a bit fussy baby, Nabil has really taught me how to be extremely patient person ( I used to be a very impatient one and still am…….huh)..unlike his daddy, who’s a lot lot lot lot more patient!!!Pray to Allay hopefully that in years to come,mummy will change to be like daddy ya sayang…susahnya…Then, I learned to get up sooooo early in the morning, as early as 4.30 a.m EVERYDAY especially during working days…huahuahua…got to prepare fresh home made food everyday for my baby…not just plain home made food but to ensure that its nutritious and healthy for him…plus some sempoi braekfast for daddy. lol…..

I learned bout breastfeeding too…Wasn’t like before…I thought breastfeeding s only for traditional housewives…(soo pathetic)…get plenty time spending with baby…bout pumping, bout maintaining milk supply, bout tips on how to supply healthy milk for him…only now I realized how lucky I am for being able to learn to  breastfeed my baby and I pray that I ll be his milk supply till he turns two..Amin.



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