It s February again………

Speaking of is a special for everybody…For Daddy n Mummy. They tied their first knot as a tunang-tunangan couple in February 2005..and 3 years later, its the happiest month for both Daddy n mummy as their loveable genuine next generation (WHICH IS ME!!) join them in life…and for mummy….its the most memorable month..after went through episodes of back pain.craving for this n that…swollen feet, being fat…(still am) where she had to 150% hold her breath n pushed the big me then out of he womb after a nearly 13 hours struggled in labour room…huh..And not to forget,for me myself..i.m gonna blow out my FiRSt birthday cake candles end of this month…HOORRRAYYY!!!!!  IM PRETTY SURE MUMMY HAS PLANNED A FEW THINGS ON HER MIND fOR CELEBRATING MY 1ST BIRTHDAY while the funding would be borne by daddy of course …wait n see ya.



dsc00972 Now..the ‘big’ me…..(11 months)


still being breastfed…

dsc01032 and with some thrilling attempts to panjat the tv..yeay!!

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