Siapalah Kita………

Tiba-tiba teringat satu diskusi pendek yang tidak lama berlaku baru-baru ini bersama seorang cyberfriendku N….we all ada sembang sikit pasal working climate which kinda-tell-us-that-“you’re-freak-nude-and-do-not-belong-to-us “pathetic environment….ermm..HOW I WISH I COULD HAVE A BETTER PLACE …sigh…anyhow, i don’t have any inferior feelings in me in fact that makes me stronger and promise myself whatever i do, i do it for the kids who need me..being a half-lone ranger(I DO HAVE SEVERAL COLLEAGUES YANG BEST!!), won’t describe myself a looser..Bear in mind that life doesn t always turn out the way we plan it!!Just be happy and bersyukur..It s ourselves that set our life to be normal2 aje or happier and merrier or suffer..Just pray for the best from Allah,and the rest, just let Him settle it for u…




2 thoughts on “Siapalah Kita………

  1. yeah i know what you mean..I also feel the same..
    I work at a place where I’m the only malay and others are Chinese. Most of the time at the office they spoke Chinese language which I do not understand even one word and there are times when I do feel lonely and left out. I’m always alone during lunch as all of my colleagues eat at a non-halal restaurant. Having said so, I’m still grateful as they are kind towards me and they provide a place for me to pray and pump milk. Alhamdulillah..

    Currently, applying for a new job but I don’t think it would be easy as many are loosing their jobs ow with the economy slowdown..

    Kalau ade rezeki ade la kan..anyway, whatever it is Allah yang tentukan kita hanya merancang..

    ~still a loner..hehe

    Smile Alwayz

  2. yeah as!! u go girl!!!….yg penting kita dh try our best and pray….the rest let Allah decide.

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