His Development Part 2

Nabil is a toddler now, yeah, I consider a one year old baby as a toddler…(boleh ke??hehe)Being a recently turned into a one year old BOY….he becomes less cranky. Much much diference as before when he s still an infant, hardly enough not to get to see him cranky at least within half an hour.SABO JE LA!

And he s really into TV now and sometimes even during watching tv, his mouth would rambles in his own language non stop! But he will sit very quietly when the Azan is on or ayat ayat  Quran is read on TV and he would  LISTEN INTENTLY.And if his abah plays the UPIN IPIN you tube, Nabil would be an excellent innocent silent viewer ever!!!Aman jap mummy nak wat kije…heheh(RASA MCM NAK AWARD JE UPIN IPIN TU)

Despite of his NEW HOBBY  kutip kutip benda masuk mulut tu (semut pun penah nak masuk tau)…he is now in his mission to belajar TATIH TATIH which makes me hold my breath everytime I see him making the effort of moving his chubby legs trying to make a step..especially when he s not holding to his walker or the furniture in the house to support himself.Some collegues told me that if your baby grows his teeth first, then it would be a long way to go for him to walk without support..plus, just look at his tembam body, how could he move his butt with that extra weight???ye ker????IS IT TRUE???cause Nabil s already had 5 gigi atas depan and 3 bawah, and he s having another one tengah tumbuh kat bawah..BUT….he s only 9 kilos , which the nurse in clinic consider him as an underweight child!!!Tak la berat mana kan?Arrghh

OK Mummy, RELAXX…..Anyhow I m positive enough that he d be able to walk by himself or at least try to walk without support before he reaches 15 months….HOPEFULLY..GO GO MY BOY!!!!Amin..


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