Yup..Nabil sahih sensitive dgn suede cloth…last time I thought I put him on that particular cloth diaper in long period, resulted him developing some rashes…then I tried shorten the period length of the cd on him, still he develops the rashes, and of the same pattern.Am now thinking of trying fitted ranges, maybe the organic ones..or prefold with diaper cover , as I heard its not only suitable for heavy wetter, but it s more economical as well…hmmm….budgetting, budgetting so that I could give way funding on Nabil s cd lagi…hehe.


One thought on “Against SUEDE CLOTH

  1. I pun pernah gak my DD sensitive towards cleece/suede. Disebabkan i tak sure yang mana satu, i revamp my whole diaper stash. Tukaq semua jadi fitted. Jual je Cd, ada 2nd hand value. Pas tu, bila dah OK, nyesal plak jual sebab i dok beli balik pocket and dah tak ada problem.

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