My Evening Routine with That Lil Guy

Normally I ll be at home around 2-4 after school, and that lil boy o mine, it s either I ll fetch him e way back home or around 4/5..and only after what i should have done is done…my lunch would just b a simple meal..nasi goreng/nasi sup/roti with susu/nothing +early dinner around 5.30pm(pecaya tak??)

With Nabil clinging around and us alone(while his dad is at work), everything is almost impossible-name it laundrying, cooking heavy dish, reading books,mags,nespaper if there s any, he ll demand for my 100% intentions like there would be no tomorrow …huhu( i love u son)

He ll take his nap around 4-5(ususally less than)and that would be my oly opt for blogging(hehe), assignments checking, and preparing for his light dinner..sigh

My big salute to those working mummies with more than 2/3 small children around and WITH NO BIBIK..





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