Why Do I Like My Peg Perego Si

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Nabil in SI

It s the stripey colour I felt in love in the first place! Unlike my other strollers i ve owned before, SI is a great napping stroller, has great canopy, huge and long seat wide enough for my baby to sleep in and with both legs fit well in it. Personally, I think the seat is far much nicer than the Phil n Teds Sport and Quinny Zapp, even though its frame has much more plasticy structure compared to the Quest Maclaren which i think is more sturdy, but it s not a big issue to me anyhow. The easy accessible roomy basket is very much important to me as I normally do groceries shopping with him alone, just the two o us when his daddy s not around,  it reclines as much as Mac Techno, it s great! And not to forget its self standing feature, prevents from dirt during outing and even during storing. The only flaw to me is just the recline (like MAC too, unlike my COMBI ), I have to go on the ground everytime the baby wants to have a nap..Plus, I wish it has the stroller bar like the new upgrade version of 2010…as I am a handle bar lover..

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2 thoughts on “Why Do I Like My Peg Perego Si

  1. yanna…lisa..peg si 2010 lg canggih..ada bumper bar la…if nk guna dgn carrier, ada bumper bar selamat..btw, kat little whiz ada jual cheap SI, u can go to planete enants also n asked for big discounts…..

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