Towards 2010 year Im going year older..and so does everybody..and I m sure that everybody has a goal to reach in life…be it a long term goal to accomplished and be it a short term one to be achieved based on day to day live…

As a FTWM + PTSM(note:part time studying mama) I m hoping for next year to be cherisher and more bless for me …in my career, study and my maternal part as a mother to a lovely son (insyaallah another s coming soon)…and to be a better wife to HUBBY as well, cook more, bake more, errr..spend more on baby stuff as I m going to have another addition next year??hehe..OK OK I promise I ll be saving up more next year

What s going on one has any idea on that…just hoping that life is much more granted by God, rahmah and barakah in day to day business and more guidance and hidayah from Him…Please bless my family ya Allah.Amin.


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