Birthday Present Idea Malaysia

Finding the Perfect Birthday Present Idea?

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By Robert Yates

Finding a suitable birthday present can be difficult but there are ways to discover the ideal gift. The choice will depend mainly on the interests and characteristics of the recipient. A wide range of presents and price levels for all ages are available.

Ideas for children’s birthday presents can be easier than those for gifts for adults. Toyshops are full of possibilities for younger children although you have to be careful to choose gifts suitable for their ages and abilities.

The bicycle remains a firm favourite as a child’s birthday present. For those too young to cope with two wheels, ride-on pedal-driven toy tractors and other vehicles are great fun.

Special interest gifts go down well. Fishing tackle or other sports equipment provides plenty of birthday present ideas. Lessons in sporting or leisure activity skills could be a good choice as long as you’re sure this would be welcomed enthusiastically.

For a birthday boy or girl of older years, jewellery and watches provide plenty of choice. Of course, these can also make great gifts for adults. Finding a perfect birthday present for an adult can be complicated, though – often the problem is that he or she already seems to have everything you think of. Plenty of websites provide suggestions for birthday gifts and the opportunity to order them online.

Practical, consumable presents may suit some people. These include luxurious brands of food, wine, perfume and make-up. Vouchers for a restaurant meal or a special purchase of another luxurious treat may appeal.

Theatre or concert tickets fall into the same category but need to be chosen carefully to match the recipient’s taste and preferences. This present is one you could share as a memorable experience together followed by a meal at a restaurant.

Other birthday treat ideas include a day or weekend experience. For adventurous types consider a hang-gliding lesson or balloon ride – but you don’t have to go with them this time!

Less risky experience gifts include various types of sailing and boating, horse riding and vouchers for a special pampering body treatment. Birthday presents such as these create unforgettable memories, and ones which will always be associated with you.

Many of the above ideas can be found and actioned on appropriate websites, with tickets or gifts being delivered to you or to the recipient as a surprise birthday present.

A magazine subscription associated with a particular interest is a thoughtful lower-cost birthday present idea.

And another way to keep the price under control is to make a present yourself. If you are good at arts and crafts, use your skills to make a birthday gift that’s personalised in some way. You will know what appeals to your friend or relative and the time and effort that goes into a piece of jewellery, knitting or needlework can be greatly appreciated.

Someone with woodwork or do-it-yourself skills might consider carving a wooden ornament or constructing a present. A table lamp decorated with a lampshade bearing meaningful images and symbols would make an appealing personalised present.

Using photographs to make a calendar, collage or framed picture, designed as a reminder of good times together, is another low-cost way to make a gift. A computer with suitable software could be used to do this. Alternatively, take your photographs to a high street print shop to have them mounted professionally.

Birthday present ideas can help you shop for your loved ones. Find out more about shopping for unique gifts.

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Click here to look for Birthday Present Idea Malaysia


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