Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller Review

I just found a nice review on Kolcraft stroller you might want to read. It explains what is it for you and your baby if you chose the stroller. After reading it you will have some idea how useful the stroller is. Hope you enjoy reading it and grab it fast if you found it truly worth for your baby.

Here is the review…

Six Benefits You Can’t Resist When You Buy Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller For Your Baby

By Natalie H

Contours Lite Strollers from Kolcraft are very popular among parents. Complete care of comfort for a child and convenience for parent was the aim while designing Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller. We can easily notice that Kolcraft achieved its aim by creating a superb contour lite stroller that is ideal for moms who want to take their baby for a walk.

Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller not only provide you with comfort and ease to carry your child wherever you want but also see to it that the child does not have any problem relaxing in the stroller. Tangerine color of the stroller is eye soothing and attractive.

What you get when you buy a Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller

1. 6″ front single swivel & 8″ rear wheels: This feature of the stroller helps you in moving the stroller to variety of terrains without any hassle and jerks to your child. You can change the path without any jerks even when your little angel is deep in sleep.

2. Child snack tray with drink holder: Child snack tray is bigger than usual and the drink holder rotates in many directions that help you to serve drink to baby even while you are busy chatting with your friends.

3. Large canopy: Large canopy helps in blocking sun and wind that can disturb your child’s precious sleep. The canopy is extra large to protect you child from any disturbance that you want to avoid him from.

4. Height adjustable 5-point harness for safety and padded sleeves for comfort: The stroller contains 5-point harness that has a feature for you to convert it in to three-point harness easily. Kolcraft also provided padded sleeves in the stroller to ensure comfort for your child.

5. Large storage basket: Now you can store your purse of even your child’s diaper and other necessary things in the large storage basket while you take a walk with your little one.

6. Multi-position reclining seat: This feature helps you to position your child as you want to and he will be comfortable with it.

Buying a Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller is great when you get a free shipping service for it. Kolcraft also offer you a 365 days warranty. This means you have nothing to worry about.

So if you want to buy one, check it out at Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller link here. There is bargain where you can purchase it at 40-50% off retail price without much effort.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Natalie_H



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