Mini blender for baby food help mothers prepare rice blended baby meal during travel

Are you traveling mother with baby?

I always insist our babies to get the freshest food possible. What does this means? No canned food, no bottled food, no commercial baby biscuits, no no no.

Currently, our latest baby boy is already six months old. What I did now is feeding him with blended rice mixed with blended carrot.

What worried me most is when we are required to travel and spend nights elsewhere. Traditional blender is bulky and usually you have to have another bag to fill it in.

Most Popular Durable Mini Blender

KRUPS 203-42 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, Black
Amazon Price: $14.89
List Price: $24.00

Then I think of something

Smaller blender that can fit into normal luggage beg will do the exact same job. After all, she is going to feed a baby. The volume need to blend is little enough for a small blender. I bought one finally.

Since then wherever we go out of house I will bring that mini blender with her. Whether it was visiting our folks at village or personal trips for holidays the mini blender has been very helpful in preparing food for our babies.


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