Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller Reviews

baby jogger city select double stroller

Overall I love this!!

December 2, 2014

By A.Knowles

This baby jogger city select double stroller is fantastic in many ways but I wish the seats were bigger. The foot rests are adjustable in length and position but I wish there was one more setting. Placing a three year old in the seat with a think winter jacket on made him look like he was being shoved in the seat. Without the winter jacket, he looked fine but he is not a tall guy for his age. When he was resting his feet on the foot rest his knees were about belly button height. He’s not tall and is pretty skinny for his age (3.5 years old) but maybe only has about half a year left of use in this. Now I know that currently he very much so prefers to walk vs be in a stroller but on longer walks he gets tired and complains. So the good: – Putting the baby jogger city select double stroller together took maybe 20 minutes. The most amount of time was getting the fabric on the seats just because it is a tight fit. – Canopy is massive!! I love this canopy. It has a magnetic closure for the peek a boo flap which is fantastic. Very easy to open/close since you aren’t fussing with velcro/buttons. – Harness is super easy to adjust and plenty of room left for our three year old if he liked to be in strollers. – The ride is amazing. Pushing this stroller is so easy one handed even with both seats in and two kids attached. – The basket is also really nice. I’m able to go to the farmers market and shove my massive bag and all of my groceries in there without any issues. The not so good: – Seat size. The seats are narrow and not super long. But that’s to be expected because of the functionality of the stroller. – It’s bulky/heavy. There isn’t a good carrying handle for the stroller. I’m not a weak person either but this thing is heavy. It’s not bad lifting it into my SUV because I have a ton of room but putting it in a smaller sedan posed an issue. I had to take the seat off in order for anything else to fit in the trunk. – Fold: this is both a pro and a con. It’s hard to pull the ‘tabs’ to fold the stroller. But once you’ve pulled on them the fold is super easy. The biggest thing I wish for in this seat is some kind of carrying handle. All in all, I love it. The bulk that is there is because of the versatility and durability of the stroller. So some of the cons are easy to ignore for now. Biggest suggestion to others is to go to a store near you and try it out! More info: Please visit baby jogger city select double stroller review page.


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